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  Training with Master Dietrich
Former Students

    * Albert Alvarez - "Blind Man Earns Black Belt" George Michael Sport Report

    * Elaine Fields - "Grandma tests for Black Belt with Daughter and Grandson"

    * Johnny Hodges
           (A student with Muscular Dystrophy that I taught whose courage and dedication
            left a memory in my heart of how our actions effect others. 
           Johnny was buried with his martial arts Uniform, Belt and Bo Staff. 
           Thankyou for the inspiration Johnny)

    * Washington Redskins     
           -Monte Coleman
           -Mike Nelms

    * CEOs/Fortune 500 Companies
          - Sid Smith (OSP Consultants)
          - Roger Mody (Signal Corp)
          - Stanley Corp (Leadership/Teamwork Workshop)
          - Jim Brabston, Black Belt (Stanley Corp)
    * Organizations
          - NVRC (Northern Virginia Resource for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
          - CHAAD  (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)
          - A New Beginning (students in AA/NA -Alcoholics / Narcotics Anonymous)
          - Currently training students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Former  Training Partners, Team Mates, and Associates
Brandon Lee (son of Bruce Lee)
Chuck Norris
Garrett Warren (Hollywood Movie Director, Stuntman,Wako Teammate)
Bill "Superfoot" Wallace
Emin Boztepe (Wing Tsun Association)
Kevin Thompson
Jerry "Fast Feet" Fontanez
Ernie Reyes
Arnold Chon
Edwin Villa

Former  Instructors
Tae Kwon Do-Chung Do Kwan
- Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee, Master Dong Ju Lee, Master Charlie Lee, Master Mike Coles
     - Japanese Karate Association: Sensei Mori NYC, Sensei Mazhari
Muay Thai
      - Master K
      - Master Jeff Smith
      - Jim Ed Jones.

Available for Workshops/Seminars on Family Home Protection, CEO Protection, Third Party Protection, Just Say No, Defense, Stranger Awareness, Bully Basics, Cool Down Temper Solutions, Fitness Programs, Special Needs Students, and on taking yourself to new levels

To format a workshop or seminar for your specific organization contact us.

Personal Training Sessions with Master Dietrich 
    # of Lessons Reg  Price Sale  Price
         1 $ 199 $ 199
        10 $ 1,990 $ 1,850
        50 $ 9,950 $ 8,750
       100 $ 19,900 $ 15,000