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Welcome to the LEADERSHIP TEAM!

Your membership in the Leadership Team opens up a whole new world of growth as a martial artist.
By fully utilizing your privileges of membership, you will accelerate your learning, strengthen the
personal development attributes inherent in the training at this level, and most of all, move you into the inner circle
of Dietrich Karate Studios. Martial arts is an exciting activity that has a powerful impact on the lives of its practitioners.
However, this impact is in direct proportion to the level of personal commitment the student makes toward earning a Black Belt.

                 Earning a Black Belt represents a number of important traits.  How important are these traits to you?

   1.  The Black Belt represents high personal standards.
   2.  Black Belts have high levels of self-confidence in their ability to follow through and get the job done despite  
        any obstacles.
   3.  Black Belts have razor sharp focus and concentration skills.
   4.  Black Belts are secure in their ability to take care of themselves and feel no need to show off or brag.
   5.  Black Belts are trained in an atmosphere of respect and courtesy.
   6.  Black Belts develop intense levels of self-discipline and self-control that aid them in all areas of achievement.
   7.  Black belts finish jobs.  The world is full of great starters, the Black Belt realizes that its the completion of the
        final 10-15% of a project that separates the best of us from the rest of us.
   8.  Black Belts are healthy, coordinated people who value their physical and mental well being.  They are less apt
        to fall into abusive habits that might threaten their sense of wellness.
   9.  Black Belts are leaders.  Leadership training is an important aspect of advance training in the martial arts.
 10.  Black Belts place a strong value on contribution and service to others.  Black Belt training teaches that we can   
        have anything in life we want as long as we help as many people as possible achieve what they want in life.

                                          Building Tomorrow’s Leaders Today!