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Your instructors are experts in determining which students have the necessary attributes for “going all the way.”
THE 1ST ATTRIBUTE IS BLACK BELT ATTITUDE  The Black Belt attitude is an attitude of positive self-expectancy. It’s the never quit attitude of a winner.  Students with the Black Belt attitude maintain high levels of personal standards in and out of the martial arts school.

Good attendance shows discipline.  The discipline necessary to follow through and stick with your goals.  This is critical as the road to Black Belt is marked with small, incremental improvements that, when achieved consistently, gain enormous momentum leading to fantastic mental and physical breakthroughs.  We realize that we cannot change any one technique or improve any one area of our lives 100% overnight.  Instead we seek to improve 100 areas 1% per week.  The law of incremental learning is accomplished only with consistent class attendance.

One the most incredible feelings a student can achieve is that of personal accomplishment.   Accomplishment is achieved through practice of the
THE 3RD ATTRIBUTE: GOAL SETTING  Once a student has set short term goals, the curriculum sets the plan on how to achieve them.  All students seeking enrollment into the Leadership Team must have proven their goal setting abilities by accomplishing the second belt rank of martial arts: the Gold Belt!
“The highest honor, the greatest respect you can show  to your Master Instructor and your school is to compliment and refer your school to others,  Master John Godwin, Seventh Degree.”  It is ancient martial arts tradition to pay respect to your master instructor, support your school and help yourself and fellow man.  It is expected of all dedicated students to support the school, encourage others to understand the importance of achieving Black Belt excellence and to be a reflection of the school’s efforts to improve the character of all who attend the organization.  This is why the
4TH ATTRIBUTE IS HONOR  This is demonstrated by the sponsoring of a new member.  Students who have demonstrated this honorable support in their school are recognized by the Gold Sponsorship Star worn on their uniform. 

The final,and in many ways the most important attribute, is A COMMITTMENT TO EARNING YOUR BLACK BELT
 At Dietrich Karate Studios your instructors have two levels of student.  The first is the novice who is in the midst of their introduction to the world of martial arts.  This student is considered a trial student and as such is only permitted to attend a limited number of classes per week and is not permitted to learn certain, more advanced techniques.  These techniques and skills are reserved for the second level of student, the Leadership Team students.  This status is only achieved through the commitment to earning a Black Belt.  These students have demonstrated their long term commitment to the instructor and to the school as designated by their membership in the Master’s Club.  In turn, the instructors can, with confidence, commit to advance training with these students.

By recommending you into the Leadership Team, your instructors have determined that you have the attributes necessary to earn your Black Belt.  They are willing to commit to providing you with the leadership, the guidance and the skills to get you there.  *