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Worldwide: 877-4-WE-KICK
Loudoun: 877-493-5425


 The Leadership Team
        offers students Elite Privileges:

1.  Access to Elite Black Belt Training Classes
    (following are examples)
    - Single Nunchuck        - Double Nunchucks    
    - Padded Nunchuck Sparring    - Advanced Reflexive Training
    - Padded Sword        - Shield Training        
    - Bo Staff         - Weapons Routines                - Combative Weapons Tech    - Escrima             
    - Arnis                  - Kali Stick Training
    - Kama            - Rope Kama    
    - Sai            - Bokken    
    - Katana            - Tonfa
    - Point Sparring        - Continous Sparring
    - Multiple Opponent Sparring    - and more    

2.  Unlimited Lessons to any of our Martial Arts based classes:
     (following are examples)
    - Little Ninjas Karate    - Lil’ Dragons Karate
    - Action Kids Karate    - Adult Warrior Karate
    - KickNastics        - Kickboxing
    - Ultimate Body Shaping    - Strength Training
    - Tai Chi            - Boxing
    - Thai Boxing        - Mixed Martial Arts
    - Grappling        - Ground Fighting
    - Akijitsu            - and more    
3.  Apparel Line exclusively designed for Leadership Team
     (membership includes the following)
    - Leadership Team Elite Uniform     

4.  Membership Training up to the Rank of Black Belt - 2nd Dan

5.  Leadership Team - Elite Workbook and Training Guide

6.  Pride and prestige of belonging
     to a select group of martial artists.

7.  Increased enthusiasm with a committment to Black Belt!

Accepting membership into the Leadership TEAM is your acceptance of the responsibility of taking action on your goal of earning a Black Belt. 
Here’s a checklist to help your family make the decision to join the Leadership Team:


Are you:
Willing to maintain good attendance?
Interested in learning additional skills including weapons, and advanced techniques from other styles?
Willing to overcome obstacles and distractions that may challenge your achievement or progress?
Willing to provide leadership and assistance to under-ranks as you progress into advance training?

 Do you:
Have the full support of the family in obtaining this goal?
Please set an appointment to conference with your instructor as soon as possible to review these issues.  Your instructor will review your program and outline the special tuition arrangements for advance training in the Leadership Team.  Understand that the membership is a family decision.  Everyone in the family should see the many benefits  of the training and be supportive of the goal of achieving a Black Belt.