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Don't Let your DRAGON  - Fall behind this Summer!!!!

All the SENSEIs and DRAGONS have been working hard to get ready for testing.

Your DRAGON will be testing on:

(This is where your child has to battle another DRAGON to protect their personal space. 
Parents are the judges in this epic battle of DRAGON v DRAGON)

In order to make sure your kids don’t fall behind the other DRAGONS

I have created a

 SUMMER Membership for BASKP Families ONLY.

Membership includes:

1) UNLIMITED LESSONs for the FAMILY (1-4 people)

2) FROM when - School Lets out June 15th
                     - until it BEGINS in September.

Classes you have access to:
 *DRAGONS - Level 1            M/W @ 6:15 pm; Sat @ 11:15 am
 (Beginners, No Belt - Adv Gold)  

*DRAGONS - Level 2            M/W @ 6:45 pm; Sat @ 11:15 am
 (Intermediates, Orange Belt - Adv Purple)

Parents Classes
*KICKBOXING Fitness / 24 Day Challenge    
                    M/W @ 6:15 pm; T/Th @ 7:45 pm; Sat 10:45 am

*YOGA Fitness / 24 Day Challenge    
                    M @ 7:45 pm

*KARATE / 24 Day Challenge    
                     T/Th @ 7:45 pm; Sat 11:45 am

1 payment of $199
includes membership for 1-4 people
for unlimited lessons
from June 15th - Aug 30th
ONLY for BASKP families registered for the next school season.

Please don’t let your DRAGON fall behind, All the SENSEIs have been working hard
on teaching the incremental steps needed to build your child's self esteem and their physical / emotional skills to stand up for themselves.

To register come in to fill out a SUMMER Membership FORM or email the DOJO.

TESTING DAY IS: FRIDAY JULY 27 @ 5:45 pm AND 7:00 pm